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Tribute Schmibute


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The Billing:

Tribute Schmibute: A Comedy Rock Show 

Hilarious All-Star "Tribute" To Your Favorite Rock Icons And More! 

With a unique tongue-in-cheek style, Joel Mason goes rogue with his one-of-a-kind blend of hip comedy and music to bring his interactive and hilarious tribute to a surprise pack of rock icons ...and much more! Forget what you've ever heard or thought about "tribute shows": Joel Mason takes an entirely different approach. Featured on MTV and VH1.


The Content (version 1.0):


The show layout below includes a description of the scenes and a video example.   A single video clips that includes ALL examples (shortened) in one seamless clip can be seen here:

At risk at over-explaining, here are more details than I would normally and naturally deliver for any project’s promo. 

Scene 1

Intro: Joel walks onstage in head-to-toe feathers and addresses audience (focussing on one guest) then enters a funny situation scene with the stage tech which establishes both characters’ personalities which will pay off throughout the show. 2 mins 


Joel pays “Tribute Schmibute” to ELTON JOHN. 2 outrageous costumes during a 2 song medley of “Crocodile Rock” and “Bennie & The Jets.” Includes audience singalong and other involvement, comedy, introduction of the “saxaphone character” and solo, stage tech comedy moment, piano solo (laying on the ground), high energy orchestra feature, and exciting ending with Joel standing on piano bench in 3rd costume, having just removed the 2nd costume. Both previous costumes laying on stage beginning the “pile.” 6-7 mins.



Scene 2

Addresses audience, sets up next scene. 

Joel pays “Tribute Schmibute” to BILLY JOEL. 3 mins. Having forgotten his harmonica shoulder-stand, Joel uses audience member as harmonica holding assistant. Together they perform “Piano Man.”

Includes audience singalong and involvement, piano solo, and comedic involvement with our guest. After audience applauds for guest assistant, the guest returns to their seat. Joel then discovers his harmonica shoulder-stand on the stool next to piano. “Oh, HERE is my harmonica holder...”


Scene 3

Joel brags about his ability to read crowds and performs 15-20 seconds of a gangsta rap tune before realizing, “oops, I read that wrong.” Interacts with guest assistant some more, and gets his room key. 2 mins. 

Scene 4

Joel performs original version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” adaptation presenting a piano battle between ELTON and BILLY. Includes fast-paced piano showcase, comedy interactions with stage tech, and many hit melodies from catalogs of both respective artists. 6 mins.



Scene 5

(By this point, Joel is established as a piano entertainer.)
Saxaphone character appears with guitar, Joel sets up “Hotel California” announcing that the sax player (from previous moment during ‘Crocodile Rock’) has been “practicing guitar for this next tune.” Includes situation comedy, surprise guitar solo from Joel (with custom “Yellow Brick Road” guitar),

surprise guitar harmonies with orchestra guitarist at front of stage. (This moment often generates a mid-show standing ovation!) 6-7 mins





Scene 6


Joel interacts with guest some more. Uses guest’s room key as guitar pick for next performance, “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee.” Includes fast-paced classical guitar feature, custom original animated cartoon (of a cute bumblebee getting on a cruise ship and having “too much fun.”). Dedicated to all who’ve purchased a beverage package. 2-3 mins. 






Scene 7 

“Pick Up The Pieces” includes comedic scene with Joel on saxaphone, and full orchestra feature with solos. 3-4 mins.






Scene 8

Joel reappears onstage to pay Tribute Schmibute to PRINCE in full costume and custom exclusive “Purple Rain”guitar.

Performs medley of “Purple Rain”, “When Doves Cry”, and an original blues arrangement of “Kiss.” Includes audience singalong and otherinvolvement, guitar solo, comedic costume change, physical comedy with guest assistant involvement and additional guests.

3 minute clip



 90 second clip



Scene 9

This medleys with next performance, paying Tribute Schmibute to blues legend STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. Includes custom SRV guitar

and custom SRV hat (made especially for this show by Stevie’s same hat maker!) and costume, orchestra feature, comedy. 


Built-in alternatives:

Alternative version replaces “Devil Went Down to Georgia” with QUEEN (Bohemian Rhapsody) as closing number. Includes Joel on piano and guitar, challenging orchestra feature, large audience singalong and participation, trumpet “World Record Breaker”, audience “bang your head” moment. 6-7 minutes.

(THIS IS INTENDED AS THE CLOSING NUMBER, but needs focused rehearsal and is challenging/impossible without enough time with orchestra.)



“Songs We Will NOT Be Performing Tonight.” Fun medley of rock tunes over decades, with comedic horn section feature and comedic ending with stage tech.

PINK FLOYD parody.

The Future:
Future additions include STEVIE WONDER and STEVEN TYLER (medley of “I’m Yours”, “I Wish”, “Superstition” and “Dream On.”), THE ROLLING STONES (comedic version of “Start Me Up” and “Satisfaction.” ...and more.


Technical inclusions and requirements:

Stage Prop


Large multimedia stage prop with 2 built-in flat screens displaying in-the-moment live camera footage as well as prepared images and animation scenes for atmosphere. Requires stage techs for assembly, and one tech to operate videos mixing console. If there is an available track, recommended to “fly” (and store) prop overhead. Ships in 3 small cases. One additional shipping trunk (approx 4’X2’X2’) includes custom guitars, costumes, music equipment, cameras, video mixers and media players for the stage prop.

Show needs ship’s concert piano, guitar amp, possible additional digital piano. 

$10,000 of custom costumes, $20,000 multimedia stage prop and console, $12,000 custom (one-of-a- kind) guitars and gear, $7500 in original orchestral arrangements, $2000 in custom original art and cartoon animation...and a $20 harmonica!! 

And finally, the booking: 

This show needs a HOME. I’m looking to “house” or otherwise install this concept on a single ship for a mutually agreeable duration. The level of difficulty of the music and the amount of situational involvement required by various members of the orchestra, stage staff and tech team make for a unusually challenging rehearsal requirement. However, just like a production show, once the team and I have a week or two together, all the important details and rough spots get smoothed, providing for a season of successful shows. I feel it’s a better match with guests vacationing in the Caribbean, so I’d propose to install accordingly. I’d propose to basically fly to and from one ship, regularly, working with one orchestra and one tech team. Looking for 24 fly-on dates with single night performances for 2 seatings. Discounted fee if more than 24 dates. I’d also request an exclusive airline (AA). No special onboard cabin requests.